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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Robbery
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I'm an undercover investigator for a detective agency in Maryland and was working a drug case.

While I was in a seedy bar conducting surveillance on a low level dealer waiting for him to lead me to a higher up when I overheard a conversation at the table next to me. A couple of guys were drinking beer when one of them started recounting a day he had last week.

He had left his house planning to rob a liquor store. He got into his car and headed out and when he got to the first major intersection he said he noticed a red light camera and thought to himself, I wonder if that camera knows it is filming me on the way to a robbery, and laughed about it and kept going. Well when he got to the area of the liquor store he got out of his car and saw another camera mounted on the eve of a building where he parked aiming almost right at his car. He thought about it and decided to move his car to a less observed parking spot. He said he noticed surveillance cameras in the next two spots he picked to park and was getting frustrated, but on his third try there was no camera in sight.

He had an extra block to walk to get to the liquor store but he thought, better safe than filmed. He said that on the way to the liquor store he passed several more cameras. So now he is walking down the street with his collar pulled way up and his head held way down, hunched over trying not to get his face on camera.

Well he gets to the liquor store and is hanging outside the store waiting for customers to leave as he did not want a big audience to his robbery. While he was standing there he noticed an ATM machine right across the street and thought, crap they're everywhere. So he finally decided it was time to make his move and he started towards the door. Just before he went inside, he took one last look around to make sure no one was watching him, he looked left, then to the right and that's when he saw the camera on the shop right next door, right above where he had been standing for the last 5 minutes.

So he is at the liquor store door and the camera he sees is aiming right at him. Damn he says, he looks back to the left and sees that the store on the other side of the liquor store has a camera as well. Now he's really thinking twice, he looks inside the liquor store to see if he has drawn any attention yet and sees a camera behind the counter and one on the back wall pointed at the door. He said at that moment he started to run. He ran all the way back to his car, hoping he wouldn't get busted. Just as he got into his car he remembered that he hadn't actually robbed the store so he couldn't be busted. This made him feel better, but he said ran a red light on the way home and a camera took a picture of his tag, and he got a ticket in the mail a few days later.

He said he didn't think he would be going out to rob any more stores, and he said he ordered some security cameras for his home.

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Security equipment today comes in many forms. Surveillance equipment, to keep an eye on assets, nanny's, your spouse or kids. And counter surveillance equipment, to keep an eye on those who would undermine what you have accomplished. Are your sensitive files secure? Are your meeting private? Are your employees loyal? The answer lies in counter surveillance. RF Detectors, camera hunters, white noise. and more are used to secure today's information. Those who want to profit on your efforts will go to any length to steal your information. They don't have to get away with it. Today, at very affordable prices, you can sweep your offices, check your phone lines, find hidden cameras, and keep an eye on employees, with a wide array of equipment that is readily available in today's market place.
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