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New security products
Item # R-IR-950-30 30 foot Invisible Infrared Camera
Item # R-IR-950-30
30 foot Invisible Infrared Camera



New Security Products
A Wireless World
Wireless security systems are used today more than ever before. For safety of home, business, and to deter crime, there is just no better solution for security. Wireless cameras have been around for...

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Robbery
While I was in a seedy bar conducting surveillance on a low level dealer waiting for him to lead me to a higher up when I overheard a conversation at the table next to me. A couple of guys were drinking beer when one of them started...

The Nanny's Nanny
You're at work, filing reports, going about your daily routine and it hits you, someone else is watching your child. How is he doing? Is the nanny treating my child alright? Oh God, is she abusing my child? What are you going to do

To Wireless Or Not To Wireless, That Is The Question
I hear talk about the disadvantages of wireless cameras and their use in the home. The disadvantages of wireless cameras can be easily overcome with some very simple steps. The first thing I keep hearing about is the...

Security In A Nutshell
In todays world of security cameras it's hard to know what is best. Is it better to go wireless or hard wired, infrared or not, hidden or obvious? Do you want to go with a surveillance system or build...

How Hard Is Hard
I read a lot of articles that tell you how hard it is to set up wireless security cameras in your home or office. They go on to tell you that it is even harder to set up a hardwire system, not true. I read things like...

Are You Watching Who's Watching You?
Counter surveillance is a bigger issue today than ever before. It's not just for the government and military anymore. As the need for security increases in the corporate world, the need for reliable counter surveillance equipment increases as well. Who's trying to steal your...

How Much Watching Can A Film Watcher WatchI hear stories about people who worry that with all the security cameras around today people are losing their privacy. Cameras at lights, in buildings, at corners, at the mall, and in parks, in alleys, etc., are they really needed,

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A Wireless World
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