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How Hard is Hard
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I read a lot of articles that tell you how hard it is to set up wireless security cameras in your home or office. They go on to tell you that it is even harder to set up a hardwire system, not true. I read things like, it's so hard to set up a security system that you better buy from us so we can help you, well I would be wary of those companies. Sure I would like you to buy from me, but the truth is that almost any company out there selling security cameras will offer online or over the phone assistance in setting up your system. It's just not that tough to do. If you can hook a DVD player or a VCR up to your TV then you can most likely set up one of these systems without ever having to call for assistance.

While it is true that hiding wires is harder than not hiding wires, It's really not that difficult. If you hook up a phone or cable TV in one room and have to run the wire or cable from another room, you wouldn't freak out, but some company tells you that running a video cable requires an engineering degree, so you better buy from us, well then you know that they are being dishonest with you right from the beginning, so beware.

While with a hardwire system you may have to drill a few holes or get tricky with the routing of wires, it does not take a genius to accomplish that. And with a wireless system it is virtually a breeze. Take say a camera hidden in a clock radio, all you have to do is plug it into the wall and your done with the camera. Now all you have to do is plug the receiver into the DVR or VCR or TV or where ever you want the video to go. You may have a harder time hooking a game play station up to your TV.

So you need not freak out if you want a security camera system in your home or office, as any idiot (I'm not talking about you), can set one up. All the systems come with easy to follow instructions, plus, if needed, most companies do offer over the phone or online help with the details if you get flustered. So if you are worried about security and want to set up a system yourself in order to save some money, go for it, you will be alright. So just make sure, in advance, that the company you are looking to buy from will help if needed and you will most likely be OK. There is just no reason to go without security. And of course you can always read the authors bio to find a company that will stay with you until you get it installed right and are happy with it.

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