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Security In A Nutshell
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In todays world of security cameras it's hard to know what is best. Is it better to go wireless or hard wired, infrared or not, hidden or obvious? Do you want to go with a surveillance system or build your own? Well, it all depends on your unique needs, we will look at some of those needs here.

1) Can you run wires from the cameras to the recorder or monitor as the case may be? If you can run wires without much trouble or having those wires in the way, then you may want to go hard wired. The reason being that for one it costs less. Second, there is no chance of interference with other devices such as cordless phones, cell phones, or radio cars passing by. Third, there is no chance of anyone intercepting your wireless signal.

2) Hidden or obvious? Depends on whether you want to deter crime or catch who is committing the crime. Obvious cameras will not deter all crime, if a criminal can avoid the camera he will do so and commit the crime anyway. He may destroy the camera and the recorder if he can find it and then you are left with nothing. On the other hand, a hidden camera will not deter crime but will help in bring the guilty party to justice.

3) Infrared or not? Well sometimes that depends on whether or not you are going hidden or obvious as most infrared cameras glow red and can not be easily hidden if at all. Well not there are 'invisible infrared'. This may be confusing because infrared light is invisible to begin with but the infrared emitters are not... they glow red and are easily seen in the dark. But at 950NM the infrared emitters are invisible, they do not glow red or glow anything, thus enabling them to be used as hidden cameras.

4) There are a number of systems out there already set up with everything you need, cameras (infrared or not), a DVR (with or without internet capabilities), transmitters (if it is a a wireless system), ready to plug and play. But these systems are usually obvious security type cameras and are not easily hidden. They also are almost always 4 or 8 of the same cameras, no variety. You can of course put your own system together with you own choice of cameras. You can mix match your cameras for different areas with different needs. You can combine wireless and hard wired cameras into the same system.

So there you have it. There are many different ways to accomplish your individual security needs. If you needs are standard there are many solutions out there for you. If you needs are unique, there there is an abundance of equipment out there to build you own unique system, custom design for your situation.

Well, good luck and remember you can always call, with questions or if you need advice or product support.

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