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The Nanny's Nanny
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You're at work, filing reports, going about your daily routine and it hits you, someone else is watching your child. How is he doing? Is the nanny treating my child alright? Oh God, is she abusing my child? What are you going to do, wait until you get home and ask your two year old how the nanny is doing, ask him if he has been abused? Is the nanny treating you ok, is she taking good care of you or what? Your two year old just looks up and points to a small bruise on his forehead and says, "I got a boo-boo". Your mind starts racing, and you ask yourself, "how did that happen? What's going on while I'm at work? Is that nanny mistreating my child? Oh God, what did I do? What should I do? What can I do?" Well that's a lot of questions, for someone who shouldn't have to worry. So you go online and look up how to safeguard against nanny abuse. And you find an answer, a nanny cam. So now you go to bed happy knowing you're about to solve the problem.

So the next day comes and now you have to find a nanny cam. You get on the internet to see what is out there and are overwhelmed with all the sites claiming to have the solution. So after talking with dozens of salesmen you decide you need a camera, a DVR, and a place to hide it. So you buy a camera already hidden in a teddy bear, and a DVR. The salesman tells you it's all plug and play so you can set it up yourself, and that you'll have it the next day. And once again you go to bed happy knowing you're about to solve the problem.

It's a new day and you're back at work, filing reports, and going about your daily routine and you decide to tune into your nanny cam and see what's going on at home. So you go to your computer, bring up the DVR program that you installed on your work station, just in time to see your kid and the nanny leave the nursery. You say to yourself, "Darn, I didn't think about that". So now you're looking at an empty room where you wish your kid was. Well when you get home you call the company you bought the equipment from. "No worry" the salesman says, "your DVR can take up to 4 cameras." So you order a clock radio camera to put in the living room, and a coffee pot camera to put in the dining room, and even a floodlight camera to put on the back porch so you can keep an eye on the back yard. And you go to bed happy again, knowing that you have once again solved the problem.

So you're back at work, filing reports, and going about your daily routine, and you decide to tune into your DRV knowing that you have the whole nine yards covered. And you see your child abusing the nanny. Your kid is throwing things at the nanny, and running around banging into things and just making a mess of the whole house. When you get home the house is cleaned and you would never know your kid was a maniac and the nanny does not complain at all, she just smiles and asks "how was your day?" Well you're going nuts trying to figure out what to do about the monster that sleeps in your nursery, but you go to bed happy, knowing that your nanny is taking good care of your little angel.

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